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Established in 1999, Yatai Tannery Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture and a private company specializing in split leathers for furniture. It is located in the industrial zone at No.8 Wenxi town, Qingtian county, Lishui city, Zhejiang province, with beautiful scenery, covering an area of 260 Mu(about 173333.3 square meters), and 30 minutes away from the downtown of Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province. Our total asset outnumbers RMB400 million, while the total investment being RMB290 million and registered capital RMB120 million. We now have 520 employees, and may produce 4 million square meters of leather per year. Since the establishment, our market share have soared in the main national furniture markets, which makes our company “the expert in split leathers for furniture manufacturing” and also stabilizes our position as a leading company in the industry. Jinlin Zheng, our chairman and legal representative, is holding several posts, including the executive commissioner of the local Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Lishui city, Zhejiang province, the vice chairman of Lishui Chamber of Commerce, the president of Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce, and others.

During our rapid expansion and development, we always put environment protection first and have successively invested millions of RENMINBI in environmental construction and increasing environmental friendly facilities. We have also reached the first class national environmental standard. In addition, our chairman is keen on participating in social welfare undertakings, and active in taking correspondent social responsibilities. In recent years, he has donated over RMB15 million for social welfare undertakings in education, charity, disaster relief, and “Guangcai” program, and others. Upon the co-valuation of Zhejiang business valuation center, our company has won many awards, including “The Largest Company in Tannery, Leather Industry, and among All the Three Types of Foreign-Funded Enterprises of Zhejiang Province”; “Renowned Trademark of Zhejiang Province; one of the “Top 5 key Enterprises ” and “ Zhejiang AA Class Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit” by Lishui municipal government; “Model Taxpayer ”, “Taxpayer Hero”, “Advanced Establishment in Developing Industrial Economy ” by Qingtian county government; “AAA Credit Establishment ” by Lishui and Wenzhou Branch of China Construction Bank, and Wenzhou Branch of Bank of Communications. We have become one of the main leading enterprises in Lishui city.

Since we were first founded, we have been advocating the spirit of “Pioneering Work, Credibility First”, and adhering to the market oriented, reform driven, quality honored and management based development principle. We have also been exploring and gradually worked out a relatively scientific and systematic production, operation and management system, which may fit in the national and international market and enables a sustainable and healthy development. Under the system, we work and solve problems in practical and innovative ways. United and striving together, we attempt to achieve the purpose of a safe, high-quality and high efficient management, and better economic and social benefits. Besides, based on the principle of people-oriented, we endeavor to well explore and make advantage of human resources. We are now making continuous efforts to introduce and nurture new talents, to improve the working condition and benefits of employees. All staff of our company will keep on working to make our company a larger and more competitive and modern enterprise, and make contributions to the development of Chinese tannery industry in the international market.